Keynote Speakers


Borth Professor Nicole Borth,University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) and Austrian Centre of Industrial BiotechnologyNicole is a world renown expert in the area of Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell omics, particularly being involved in the CHO genome project and pioneering work in the microRNA field in CHO cells. She ha slash developed analytical and sorting methods for identification of desirable properties in CHO cells for production of biotherapeutic proteins. Nicole will present on her latest work in the area of CHO cell omics at the meeting.
Estes Dr Scott Estes Head of Upstream Process Development & Manufacturing, Codiak BiosciencesScott will speak on the exciting potential of exosomes, covering the history and biology of exosomes alongside a description of how Codiak is approaching moving exosomes from the world of academic curiosity to a bonafide therapeutic platform.

Additional Invited Speakers

nicolapersonal_fit_204x204 Nicola Burgess-Brown University of Oxford, UK
“Expression Screening and Production of Human Proteins for Structural and Functional Studies”
ERC_Nico-Callewaert_small Nico Callewaert VIB, Belgium
“Glyco(Double)Delete technology: getting rid of glycan heterogeneity if you can.”
Leda_Castilho Leda Castilho COPPE – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Development of technologies for the production of zika and yellow fever vaccine candidates”
Yves_Durocher Yves Durocher National Research Council, Canada
“Transitioning from CHO transient to stable CHO pools and clones: impact of CHO cell host and culture medium on glycosylation”
Griswold Karl Griswold Dartmouth University, USA
“Engineering, Design, and Production of Antibacterial Enzymes to Treat Human Disease”
NathanLewis_2016_small Nathan Lewis University of California, San Diego, USA
“Eliminating the Warburg effect in mammalian cell culture”
MassimoMorbidelli Massimo Morbidelli ETH Zurich, Switzerland “Perfusion Reactors in the context of integrated manufacturing of therapeutic proteins”
 Umesh Muchhal at PEACe_2 Umesh S. Muchhal Xencor inc., USA’
“Concept to Clinic : Development of Fc-containing XmAb® Bispecific Antibodies for Immunotherapy”
Gary Pettman Medimmune, UK
Advances in CHO transient expression – new areas of scale, productivity and novel applications”
Claudio_Sustmann Claudio Sustmann, F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Germany
“Expression and Characterization of Bispecific Antibodies @ Roche”
Zucchelli Silvia Zucchelli, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati, Italy “SINEUPs: a new Class of Antisense Long Non-Coding RNAs that Specifically Activate Translation of Targeted Proteins”
Yuansheng Yuansheng Yang, BTI, Singapore
“CHO Targeted Integration (TI) cell line development and cell engineering for rapid, high level production of mAbs with controlled glycosylation”

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